In case you missed the live session, you can now access “The Ten Most Popular Link Building Questions” webcast from Page One Power’s Jon Ball and ClickZ Academy.

To listen, click here.

The free, 60-minute webcast offers information on link building topics that everyone has questions about.

Presented by the co-founder of a custom link building firm, and vice president of business development, Ball answers these 10 questions that nearly everyone has asked about link building:


  1. Will “traditional” link building processes be replaced by social promotion and influencer content sharing?
  2. What is a good “natural” number for links we should be building a month? We are afraid to build links too quickly to look unnatural.
  3. Are directory submissions worth my time?
  4. We used a 3rd party vendor to build 100s of low quality links. We have not been contacted by Google about them, but can I just forget about them and start doing quality link building?
  5.  What is your take on Nofollow links?
  6. Is it a good strategy to analyze the links of your top 4-5 competitors and copy where they are getting their links from? 
  7. If you were running a contest/give-away how would you go about getting links? 
  8. How can you locate a bad backlink? How can you get spam links removed?
  9. Getting links obviously takes time…How do you determine if a link on a particular site is worth the effort?
  10. Can you give us an example of where you would guest blog?

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