Since guest blogging has been such a huge issue in the search engine optimization (SEO) world lately, and previous discussions of the practice left web users with more questions than answers.

So, it should come as a relief that Google’s anti-spam warrior is offering up further clarity on the subject. In the video posted today on Google’s WebMasterHelp YouTube channel, Cutts gives his prescription for how not to use guest posting.

“[People] were sort of saying well, can’t it be an okay activity, and I was sort of saying, well, if you get a really high quality blogger it can, but this is the flip side and I wanted to specifically address it as well,” Cutts says. “If you are doing so many guest blogs that you are doing article spinning and likewise if you are allowing so many guest bloggers where you allow things like spun blogs where people aren’t really writing real content of their own, then that is a pretty bad indicator of quality.”

He went on to say that sites linked to those kinds of sites will hurt their own reputation, and that, “Yes, Google is willing to take action against sites that we see are doing spammy or low-quality blogging or guest blogging.”

He also advised against allowing just anyone to post on your site since the links embedded in those posts will negatively affect the reputation of the overall site.

“I would be cautious against using that as a primary link acquisition strategy,” Cutts said.

Does Google Take Action On Spammy Guest Blogging Activities?