September was another crazy month here at P1P. We had a few technical issues this week due to moving our website to a new host, but we’re back and better than ever. We also have something pretty crazy in the works for next week, so stay tuned! In the meantime, this is what we did in September:

P1P Monthly Report: September

Foreign Affairs

You’re not Going to get the Links if You don’t do the Work via Search Engine Journal

In this article, Jon talks about how important it is to put some actual work into your link building campaigns– it’s the only way to good good links on sites that make sense. Whether you’re creating content or asking for a resource link, each and every link requires some serious thought and elbow grease.

Added Value (Actionable) Link Building via SEMrush

In this piece, Jon tells you how to add some additional value to your link building campaign using multiple strategies and a little creative thinking. He gives a staggering number of suggestions to get your creative juices flowing.

A 3-step Outreach Strategy for (New) SEO Content Creators via SEO Copywriting

Jon details how to define your audience, how to create an organized outreach list (with screenshots) and how to execute your outreach. This post is particularly useful for beginning link builders.

Paid Links – The Endless Rabbit Hole via Search Engine People

What counts as a paid link? In theory, we all know the answer– but Jon explains that the concept of paid links is a slippery slope.

Sick to Death of Relationship Building via Cognitive SEO

Jon explains why “relationship building” is no substitute for link building, and that it’s not your primary goal in a link building campaign– links are. Jon doesn’t downplay the importance of relationships, but he does discuss why forcing a relationship is never the way to go.

Link Building 101: 404 Pages & Link Reclamation via Search Engine Watch

The first in a series about some quick link building wins, this piece by Jon takes an in-depth look at how to execute a link reclamation campaign.


How Many Links does it take to get to the Top of the SERPs?

In this piece, Dustin takes a whimsical look at how many links it takes to get to the top of the SERPs, but then turns it around and provides some great concrete data collected from 160 hours of original research.

A Guide to Google Author Stats – Authorship Analytics from Google

Cory Collins explains how Google Authorship analytics work, and he also takes the time to detail exactly how that data can help you.

P1P Link Building Podcast | The Backlink Show – Episode 1

In the inagural episode of our new podcast, we discuss social media marketing for SEO, rant about link building expectations and interview Bill Sebald of Greenlane SEO.

How to Clean Up Your Link Building Act

In this post, Jon explains how to stay out of trouble, avoid penalties and clean up our industry’s reputation as a whole.

How to Build Links With Your Competitors

Jon gives a detailed, step-by-step process for building links using data from your competitors.

7 Beginner Link Building Misconceptions

There’s plenty of misinformation and doom & gloom in the world of link building, and in this post Jon sets the record straight for beginners.

Getting Maximum Returns from Google Plus

In this excellent guest post, Ryan Howard explains how to get the most out of your Google+ ventures. A must-read for beginning SEOs, small businesses and social media specialists.

Local Link Building – Relevance, Values, Opportunities

Relevancy is the key for local link building, but retaining traditional link building values is also important. Jon gives you the rundown.

Matt Catts Episode 2

Prepare to laugh– Matt Catts is back!

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