Page One Power is a custom link building firm located in Boise, ID.
Headed by two brothers, Jon Ball and Zach Ball.

We focus on customized, white hat link building strategies. We work with a limited number of highly motivated clients who are focused on getting top search engine rankings. Everyone agrees that link building is an important part of their SEO strategy, but many site owners lack the time and/or expertise to execute a cohesive and consistent link building plan. We understand. We put in the time and effort into becoming experts at all things SEO, and then we devoted our lives to it. Once we learned the industry, we decided to change directions: we transitioned from doing on-page SEO to focusing exclusively on building high-quality inbound links for our clients.The result has been a hyper-focused, light-speed improvement in our link building efficiency.Our clients consist of world class brands and mom & pop shops around the globe. These clients already have a handle on their on-page SEO and are searching for a solution to their link building problem. Page One Power is that solution.

Link Building by Page One Power is customized for each client’s specific industry needs. We firmly believe in a relevancy-first approach when it comes to building quality links, and that philosophy has led to increased search engine rankings for clients around the world.

We understand what it takes to rank highly for your keyword and are willing to do what it takes to get the link profile you need. We expect the best from ourselves and we give the best to our clients– that’s our commitment to you.

Jon & Zach Ball, Page One Power

Jon Ball

Jon was originally trained as a fine portrait photographer at Brooks Institute
of Photography in Santa Barbara, California. His business sense and marketing prowess propelled his portrait studio to be the most prestigious, successful studio in the state of Idaho for many years. His desire to learn online marketing led him to research SEO.

Zach Ball

Ever a sports lover, Zach’s interest in online marketing began with a project to promote a local flag football competition in college. Dismayed with the results, he started his study of search engine optimization (SEO) and online marketing strategies. Over the next seven years, he spent time learning all the technicalities and nuances of the SEO industry.


Jon Ball
Pro Photographer, Link Building Legend, All-around Great Guy.
Zach Ball
Fastest kid on the block, Pro SEO, Avid song writer, Married to a beautiful Italian.
Dan Beardall
Director of Sales
Hates cold mornings, loves his wife and kids, chases wild animals for fun.
Monica Davis
Loves her kids. Loves working at Page One. Smart as a whip.
Joe Oliver
Director of Production
Apple fan boy, connoisseur of fine shoes, and all things leadership development.
Nathan Smith
Director of Marketing
Proud father of 5 great kids. Enjoys all forms of artistic expression. Loves a good laugh.

Mike Gibson
Account Executive
Father of two amazing children, Die hard Bama fan, Beard grower
Michael Johnson
Account Executive
Parent to two Corgis, Indie music fan & Musician, Arsenal FC fan for life. 

Nick Chimonas
SEO Strategist
Intergalactic space bandit. Performed the Kessel Run in less than 12 parsecs. JELLY BEAN MILK-STEAK!
Cory Collins
Senior Content Marketing Specialist
Happy owner of two beautiful rescue pit bulls, Lives with his fiancé in Pullman, WA. Ravenous reader.
Andrew Dennis
Content Marketing Specialist
University of Idaho alum, Self-loathing Detroit Lions fan, Below average golfer.
Kevin Measom
Marketing Specialist/Web Developer
Outdoor Enthusiast, Adrenaline Junky, Nerd
Amanda Morris
Marketing Administrative Assistant
Photographer, Proud Mommy to a wonderful Border Collie named BAMF, and Total movie fanatic
AJ Ogden
Marketing Specialist/Graphic Designer
Dirtbag Snowboarder turned Graphic Artist. Creative mind, adventurous soul. Fair weather golfer.
Jesse Stoler
Content Marketing Specialist
Stand up comedian. Avid indoorsman. Does not care what the fox says. 
Dustin Verburg
Marketing Specialist/Community Manager
Plays in punk bands, Owns more Star Trek novels than dinner plates, Unlikely Animal Friends enthusiast
Megan Williams
Content Marketing Specialist
Sauerkraut troubleshooter. Side-hustle poet & arts organizer. Fond of rabbits & Eames chairs.

SEO Experts
Team #1

Cody Cahill
Project Manager
Passionate about SEO, Baseball, and Ill-fitting clothes purchased from thrift stores.
Thomas McMahon
Team Manager
Small town boy from Hope, Idaho, Enjoys fly fishing and cooking, Loves learning and making people laugh.
Micha Boettiger
Coffee connoisseur, Writer, Expert cat masseuse and husband of the one with the blue hair.
Devin Boudreaux
Social media addict. Awkward situation enthusiast. Comic book collector
Brett Chesney
Pounds Iron, Kale, and Piano Keys
Patrick Dennis
Proud University of Idaho Alumni. Enjoys watching Football, Basketball, and Soccer. Loves hating on Boise State.
Alex Gibson
Loves a great sandwich. Amateur banjo picker. Enjoys most genres of music. 
Tim Hand
Fond of playing guitar and sleeping in. From South Carolina. Has a weakness for the link fridge.
Zach Kline
Мне нравится все, особенно тепло погода
Larry Lilly
Reader, Writer, Hiker, Biker, Picture Taker and contemplator, Part time griz baitor.
James Maloney
Account Executive
Office Nerf assassin, Sales assassin and friend to all mankind.
Frank McGovern
Happy husband & (step)father of 2 (dogs). Loves to write, read & research street gangs. Fears Cthulhu.
Kelsey Montzka
Puts the “fun” back in “phonology,” Aspiring team captain of the Mighty Masticating Mongooses, Blue-haired.
Robert Moore
Fresh college graduate, avid gamer and Twitter enthusiast.
Tony Randall
Not that old dead actor guy.
McKenzie Shier
Peanut butter cup connoisseur. Loves performing opera with her two-legged cat.  Spoon collector.
Sam Staufenberg
Owner of extensive library, enjoys walking on the beach and jumping waves, enjoys reading while walking.

SEO Experts
Team #2

Ron Colbert
Project Manager
Proud father of 3 amazing kids, Avid Mountain Biker, Loves fishing, hunting and all things outdoors.
Colby Stream
Team Manager
Married/Father to miniature poodle, Enjoys tasting home-brewed beers, Loves re-run marathons of “24”.
Tyler Bain
Voice over artist, Philanthropist, Video Game guru.
Amanda Carmona
Lives on frijoles and wine, Sweaty, Trout wrangler.
Joshua Connell
Psychology and video game geek, Totally knows what you're thinking.
Laura Greene
Pop culture geek, Beatlemaniac, Has a bird-like fascination for sparkly things.
Kirk Kerr
SEO Savant, Proud Alumnus of the College of Idaho, Not the Captain of the Enterprise.
Taylor Raymond
Loves to cook, Musician, Hockey fan.
Jessica Roth
Professional bird nerd, Amateur lumberjack, Making it up as she goes.
Kate Smith
Loves to learn pretty much anything, Enjoys movies, games, and mythology, Aspiring world traveler.
Larisa Speers
A philosopher who loves the Earth, Will someday have a pet pig, Craves curry constantly.
Trevor Spielman
Avid Animal Advocate, Serious Soccer Savant, Sucker for the Summer.
Gabe Stephens
Role model: Boba Fett, favorite pastime: beer, favorite hashtag: #successmoneycity.
Kyle Swanbeck
Classically trained Chef, I enjoy taking average recipes to the next level, Plays Xbox in my free time.
Spencer Thomas
Proud Father and Husband, Photographer, Musician
Jeriann Watkins
Psuedo-hipster obsessed with Portland, Crazy cat lady, Loves to write, sing, and cook.
Jordan Yocum
Proud father, Loves snowboarding, making music, and spending time with family.

SEO Experts
Team #3

Nick Kats
Project Manager
Outdoor/travel enthusiast, Lives life to tell stories, Could spend the rest of my days golfing.
Colin Eggleston
Team Manager
Overthinker, Doomsday prepper, English major, Anime addict.
Jens Boettiger
Purveyor of cat pictures, Prodigious writer, SEO.
Mary Brady
Owner of cat, Lover of rain, Snack enthusiast.
Kimberly Brown
Married to the best (seriously--the best!) husband in the world, Hunts/fishes, Running is my therapy.
Meghan Cahill
 Likes your jokes... She's also an Idaho history fanatic and hoarder of classic movies on VHS.
Koji Crill
Shreddy Brosevelt, Appreciates a good maniacal laugh, Tom Arnold is his favorite ironic reference.
Ryan De La Rosa
Father of two dogs, science fiction aficionado, and purveyor of all terrible musics.
Taylor Hawkins
 Amateur film-maker, musician, comedian, Perpetually on an adventure, Gets excited easily.
Andrew Heikkila
Inspires positivity, unity and tolerance through passion, creativity and knowledge. We are born to do great things.
James Hinton
Bearded, Old, Laconic.
Amy Merrill
Closet optimist, Harbors an unhealthy addiction to chips, Voracious consumer of non-main stream news.
Jim Miller
Enjoys sports, Xbox, and being awesome!
Kyle Ochsner
Far too obsessed with comics, consistently tries to weird out his girlfriend, enjoys a great Doge meme.
Nash Ricci
Watches way too many sports, Cooks a mean eggplant parmigiana, Is thinking about his crazy dog right now.
Casey Scott
Favorite Greek god is Athena, Plays with Legos, Likes to climb trees and eat pizza.

Scott Butler
Director of Human Resources
Ski addict, Road trip junky, Owner of the most adorable Boxer EVER!
Julie Pena
Accounting Specialist
Mother/Grandma of two children/grandchildren, Loves anything outdoors, and being with my family!
Joni Porter
Administrative Assistant
I enjoy traveling, Warm weather, Spending time with my family.

Internal IT
Josh Strukelj
IT Specialist
Loves adventure, Enjoys roosting and hucking whips on 2 wheels, Computer nerd.

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