…Because even the really good link builders can lend a helping hand.

The guys behind Page One Power believe that a good business model is one that includes a larger sense of community and purpose.

To that end, co-owner Jon Ball created an initiative for P1P to give something back. It’s our way of saying thank you to our community, and also our way of making sure we remember to fight the good fight.

We’ve cleaned parks, picked up trash around the green belt, stripped paint and handled other dirty jobs. We’re always excited to get outside and get our hands dirty. (It’s sometimes an odd feeling for those of us who don’t take many breaks from the computer. Don’t worry, we’re stocked up on our sunscreen and allergy medication.)

We’ll keep these projects going, and who knows, maybe our little contribution will help make the our little corner of Idaho a slightly better place to live. Either that, or we might get a chance to use those sunglasses more than once…