Link Building News is an online publication of Page One Power that educates consumers, companies and individuals about industry news and events, and the tools and strategies of internet marketing. The content in Link Building News is a collaborative effort between Page One Power’s most talented writers and is under the editorial direction of Zach Ball, Kaisja Clark, and Jesse Stoler.

A new publication, Link Building News‘ mission is to become recognized as the source for the newest, most credible information on online marketing.

Meet Our Writers


Zach Ball

Zach Ball, in addition to being company co-founder, an expert in search engine optimization or SEO, white-hat link building and online marketing, launched the Link Building Times in 2011. Since then, he has written, edited and overseen the overall editorial direction of the publication, leading it to increasing success.

Ball is considered a go-to expert in the field of link building, and is sought after for speaking engagements, industry events and other places where he can share his advanced skillset.

You can connect with Ball on Twitter, Google+, or LinkedIn, and learn more about him here.

Paul Basinger

Paul Basinger is a media marketing creative who currently works as head researcher and link building strategist for Page One Power.

He enjoys creating media content while finding methods to expand networking avenues between clients and consumers to increase betterment within their respective communities.

A talented team member with a background in movie production, Basinger is known for the high production value of his work, so watch for more company films from him here. Until then, you can connect with Basinger on Google+.

Jesse Stoler

Jesse Stoler is a head writer, content developer and link builder at Page One Power, where his direction has provided dozens of employees with the insight and skills needed to make their clients rank.

In addition to online marketing, Stoler is a thoughtful leader and he provides guidance to his team of fellow writers while also finding new, innovative ways to link build.

Outside of work, his hobbies include stand-up comedy, acting and rooting hopelessly for the New York Knicks. You can connect with him on Google+.

Jeriann Watkins

Jeriann Watkins is a writer, researcher, content developer and serves as an essential team member who also has expertise in client outreach, branding and promotion.

A recent graduate of Concordia University-Portland, where she majored in English, Watkins enjoys writing about a variety of subjects and loves to put a creative spin on even the most technical content. She says she has a love of adventure, “especially those involving books or food.”

She has a steadily growing stack of published articles, which you can find on iMedia, Business2Community and others. You can connect with Watkins on Twitter or Google+.

Cory Collins

Cory Collins is a head writer, web content developer and team leader at Boise’s Page One Power. A graduate from the University of Idaho, with a degree in Journalism, he respects the power of the written word and loves sharing his knowledge and skill with the employees he collaborates with.

A forward thinking pioneer, Collins is passionate about SEO, link building, and other white hat practices, and writes about it for Page One Power’s Link Building News and countless online publications.

A self-described fun-loving Taurus, he loves Idaho’s beautiful outdoors, Boise’s city life and reading fiction. Connect with Collins on Twitter or Google+.

Kaisja Clark

With her background in journalism writing and editing,  Kaisja Clark found a new home at Boise’s Page One Power.

As social media manager, she oversees online content development, social media, marketing, branding, public relations, and serves as a writer and editor for various company and client publications.  She is passionate about writing on nearly any topic, and has lost count of the number of published articles. (If you’re interested, you can read a sampling of her articles herehere or here.)

She welcomes comments and questions, life advice and cookies. Connect with Clark via email at kclark.pageonepower@gmail dot com, Twitter or Google+.

Cody Cahill

Cody Cahill recently transitioned from the sluggish and antiquated world of print journalism to the fast-paced and cutting-edge realm of online content production.

He is a talented writer and an aspiring SEO guru at leading link-building firm, Page One Power, where his journalism background made him a natural fit for developing powerful, strategic content for the company and its clients.

Cahill’s abilities as a writer are getting noticed on various other publications, as well.

You can connect with Cahill on Google+ or on Twitter.

 Dustin Verburg

Dustin Verburg is a writer, link builder and content developer for Page One Power. He recently graduated from Boise State University, where he majored in English and communication.

Dustin writes about internet ethics, good blogging practices and white hat SEO, all of which he is passionate about. When he’s not building links, Dustin enjoys writing about music, reading comic books and playing in his endearingly sloppy punk band. You can reach him at dverburg @ pageonepower dot com or on Twitter.


Thomas McMahon

After discovering his voice and strengths as a writer halfway through his college career, Thomas McMahon graduated with a degree in Creative Writing from The College of Idaho. After moving to Boise, Idaho he quickly found a job as a writer at Page One Power where he has proved himself to be a strong link builder. He loves coming to work knowing that he will be challenged with creating engaging content on a wide variety of subjects.
Thomas was raised in in the mountains of North Idaho and, when he’s not reading or writing a humorous short story, you’ll find him playing tennis, fly-fishing for trout, or diving into any body of water he comes across. Connect with him at Google+.