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Mistakes in Link Building: Lessons Learned

If Introductory Salsa Dancing 101 taught me anything, it was that I am a lot farther from perfect than I would like to think. Another realization came about when I started link building and made rookie mistakes that lost me, and our clients, potential links. I’ve learned from them and can laugh about them now, so here are some of the mistakes a greenhorn link builder is liable to make.

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Creative Link Buildiing

Link Building Through Guest Posting: The Creative Process Explained

Any link builder worth his NaCl knows that relevancy first link building must be implemented to create a natural looking and high performing links list. If you’ve hired a link building firm that chases blog comments, profile links, link farms, and other unscrupulous black hat practices you need to jump ship faster than cruise goers docking in Cabo San Lucas.

This focus towards relevancy and quality over quantity requires that link builders are more creative than ever when they’re trying to earn a link. This is especially true when it comes to guest posting, since this avenue has seen a large increase in the amount of spam associated with it. Our content needs to find a new angle, offer something to a site’s readers, and it needs to be of top quality for it to be accepted and published. That is why Page One Power employs college educated writers who have creative minds; every step of link building requires creativity and critical thinking skills.
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Link Building Tools: A Link Builder and His Tools

Once upon a time in the last two decades, a supposedly wise man told me that a carpenter is only as good as his tools or a poor carpenter blames his tools… either way it had to deal with tools and it turned out the man was an idiot and led his life solely on antiquated sayings and ended up dying, cold and alone, while trying to watch a pot of water boil.

Tools certainly don’t make the link builder, but they do make link builders more efficient. These are some of the tools that I use day in and day out while working at Page One Power.
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Building Relationships to Guest Blog Effectively

Everyone in SEO seems to be jumping on the guest blogging band wagon, and for good reason. Guest posts with backlinks to your site build natural, relevant, and long lasting links that will provide your site with tons of juice. However, getting quality links through guest blogging is – in a word – hard. It takes a lot of time to not only write great content, but to establish a relationship with a blog owner. That’s right; I said relationship, but not the of clammy-hands-in-middle-school kind of way. The world of SEO tends to forget that there is an actual human being on the other side of a website, and building a relationship with that person makes guest blogging a much more effective endeavor. Continue reading “Building Relationships to Guest Blog Effectively” »