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We have a specific set of philosophical viewpoints (11 beliefs) that guide our link building business practices and govern our behavior. Link building is a big project, so we feel that you should know your potential link building agency’s point of view and agree with them.


We believe in full transparency. Your brand should always be protected and there should never be any surprises, ever. To that end, our transparency in the SEO industry is unprecedented. Our clients have access to Link Tracker, which shows every link we’ve built, every outreach email we’ve sent and every target site we’ve found.

Our clients can access Link Tracker at any time. That means the client can review links acquired, strategies, target sites, articles, graphics, emails and everything else that relates to their project at their own convenience.

In addition to unfettered access to account documentation, our clients can opt-in receive scheduled reports that detail links achieved, strategies utilized and future plans for their project.


We are a relevancy first firm. We believe achieving long-term rankings for our clients’ keywords means their link profile must be relevant to those keywords.

Because of that, we pursue only relevant sites for link building. We often say that we’re relevancy first, page rank second.

Hourly link building

Because the web is so vast and we’re relevancy first, we sell our link building by the hour. Every niche on the web is different and every project is unique– predicting a number of links is futile.

When our clients purchase an hourly package, their hours will be used up in the month they purchased them. Naturally, the more hours that you purchase, the more links you will get.  When we have more hours to work with, we have more time to focus, hone in and build higher quality links. Like anything else, the more you focus on link building the better you get at the task.


We believe that being the best requires specialization. We used to be a general SEO agency that performed on-page SEO and off-page SEO. While were doing “everything” in SEO, we found that link building was often overlooked or neglected. Link building is hard and it often falls by the wayside because the easier tasks usually get done before the link building.

Through our general SEO work, we also found that link building was what actually got web pages to rank in the search engines. That realization led to a fateful day in 2010 when we decided that we’d focus on link building exclusively.

The result has been staggering. We’ve learned a mind-boggling amount about the world of link building since we started– and we realize there’s even more to learn. It’s an eternal process.

We now build links for every imaginable niche and product for online publishers all over the globe.

Hard Work

We believe in hard work. Link building is not glamorous, romantic or glorious. Building links means high quality, intelligent guys and gals logging hundreds of hours on the web, scouring for target sites and thinking of creative ways to get links on those sites. If you want to get sustainable, relevant links like our clients expect, there’s no other way.

Our teams get to work at 7AM and work hard until 5. Don’t worry– we know how to relax and have fun too. We don’t work Friday, Saturday or Sunday, but Monday through Thursday we work hard for 10 hours a day.


Link building is a relatively new discipline. In many ways, its beginnings are happening right now. We’ve found that researching our industry, pioneering strategies and following best practices has been critical. We put in an astounding amount of link building research to keep our edge.


We don’t outsource our work.

Early in our careers we utilized outsourced solutions for our SEO needs and it worked out very nicely. When we decided to focus on link building, we found that outsourcing was impossible because of the intense nature of the work and the high level of communication needed to build links with a relevancy-first approach.

We use an entirely in-house staff to ensure the highest possible quality work.


We believe in clear, consistent and open communication.  It might sound like a cliche, but it’s a value we hold very dear.

Every project begins with a 30 minute call to initiate your link building project. During that initial call we discuss every component of your project.

We then offer continued communication with weekly e-mails from your project’s team leader regarding the progress of your account. Finally, we issue a written monthly report that “humanizes” the work we do for you.

You also get unlimited phone and email access to your link building team leader who is eager to discuss the project and any intricate details involved within it.

We believe that you should be aware of every part of your project.


We believe in teamwork.

We build links in teams because building links alone, isolated from other people in cubicles, is nearly impossible. Our link builders sit close together and have lively discussions about each phase of every project.


We believe in being honest.

Honesty is not only the best policy, it’s our only policy. We approach link building in a straight forward, no-BS way. We work hard, use our brains and build links the right way.

We track the time that you purchase from us down to the minute, and our team leaders ensure that every minute is used wisely.

Fair pricing

Because we build links by the hour, we’re very sensitive about using every minute you purchase from us wisely. We also keep our pricing extremely competitive with other firms offering similar services.

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