Become A Page One Power Link Building News Contributor

As part of our interest in sharing the latest information, trends and best practices in the industry, we are seeking the finest writers to share their talents and skills with our audience.  Becoming a contributing writer for Page One Power’s publication Link Building News, allows you to share the your valuable insights with the broader web community.

If you are interested, please read our contributor guidelines below, and send an email to Dustin at dverburg [at] pageonepower [dot] com.

Page One Power Contributor Guidelines

Are you a thought leader? An industry “guru”? We want to share the best information with our audience, and a broader community of writers helps make that possible. If you’d like to contribute an article for publication on the Page One Power site, please keep the following guidelines in mind.

When submitting a blog post, it must be 300 words minimum, and will preferably have relevant pictures, videos, and will include an outbound link to other sources.

The post should offer valuable information for our audience related to the industry (such as link building, web trends or news, search industry news, digital marketing, social media marketing, SEO tips, etc.).  We seek to provide useful, up-to-date information for our readers. In that regard, we do not accept “spun” articles, (articles that do not sound as though they were written by humans) articles that are not relevant to our audience, or articles that are of otherwise poor quality. These will immediately be rejected.

Links that are without merit will be deleted, and any submitted post that its author would like to see published should be original, adhere to generally accepted decency standards, and should be free of tactics such as keyword stuffing. Submitted posts should avoid being self-promotional, but writers are welcome to include a blacklink in their bios.

Author bios will be posted at the end of the article. Please submit posts that are ready-to-publish, and free of grammatical or other errors. We require originality and accuracy, and it should go without saying that we will not tolerate any form of plagiarism.

If you do submit a post, you will be notified of its acceptance and publication. Conversely, posts that are not accepted will be given feedback and the option of correcting the issue for re-submission.