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8 Killer Link Building Moves

If you are looking for a few new killer link building moves, take a look at the slideshow below. (Just click an image for it to open.)


News: The State Of Search

“I have learned my lesson. Anybody who builds a business based on the whims of a search engine’s algorithms — that’s a foolish thing to do.” ~Tim Carter. Carter is a site owner who CNET reported lost thousands of dollars after Google’s algorithm updates took effect.

There are lots of things afoot in the world of search these days, so here’s a roundup of the latest in search from Google, Yahoo and Bing.


Google may be soon be out of hot water since there are reports that the Federal Trade Commission’s investigation and potential anti-trust suit against the company is lacking some needed evidence. Continue reading “News: The State Of Search” »


Movember At Page One Power

“Knowledge is power, the mustache is king” says the tagline, and if you’ve noticed some decidedly hairier friends lately, there’s a valid reason. With the month of November being “Movember”–a men’s health awareness and fundraising month–men everywhere are encouraged to forego the daily razor/stubble battle in favor of an au naturale look that makes their wives and girlfriends… itchy. But, it’s all in the name of good fun and better health for the testosterone infused gender.

Continue reading “Movember At Page One Power” »

Puma Future Cat M1 Yellow OOww

SEOmoz’s Rand Fishkin Talks Guerrilla Experiments, Risky Theories & SHHHH…Maybe A New Moz Tool?

If being famous in an industry lent itself to the potential for ego-related character flaws, the only visible one Rand Fishkin seems to have is a fondness for irreverent shoe color.  (Those yellow Puma’s are one part identification strategy, one part marketing gimmick via signature style, and at least two parts insulting to the eyes.) At least that’s the impression you get after hearing him speak and meeting for a short chat. If you’re looking for a snap judgement, the guy comes off as amiable and gentle-natured. But he becomes animated when he’s excited, and his enthusiasm is infectious. With a bit of facial scruff and dressed in jeans, flannel shirt and those painfully yellow tennis shoes, Rand Fishkin doesn’t look the part of your typical suit, but he can certainly command a stage and engage an audience. The audience in this case was in danger of bailing…a beer or two in, and most of them were ready for a break from work and some weekend revelry, but once he started talking, the crowd was intrigued, weekend or not. Continue reading “SEOmoz’s Rand Fishkin Talks Guerrilla Experiments, Risky Theories & SHHHH…Maybe A New Moz Tool?” »