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Movember At Page One Power

“Knowledge is power, the mustache is king” says the tagline, and if you’ve noticed some decidedly hairier friends lately, there’s a valid reason. With the month of November being “Movember”–a men’s health awareness and fundraising month–men everywhere are encouraged to forego the daily razor/stubble battle in favor of an au naturale look that makes their wives and girlfriends… itchy. But, it’s all in the name of good fun and better health for the testosterone infused gender.

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Jon & Zach Ball’s SES San Francisco Presentation Slides

One SES San Francisco expert offered core link building principles for modern SEO.

Page One Power’s Jon Ball at SES San Francisco. Photo via

After the positive response from conference goers after SES San Francisco, we’ve decided to share Jon Ball’s presentation slides. Ball’s conference presentation offered up listeners concrete tools to use to build links for clients, along with a few of his core company philosophies, including the crowd-pleasing favorite of “FTBOM.” If you are interested in learning more about “No BS Link Building” or using Ball’s strategies as part of your link building assets, you can find it here: SES SF 2012 Presentation.

In addition, Zach Ball gave a theater presentation on link building to a standing-room-only-crowd during the SES Expo. His tools allowed expo goers to return to their hotel rooms to build links that night.

You can see it here: Link Building You Can Do in Your Hotel Room Tonight.


About Page One Power

Page One Power is a custom link building firm located in Boise, ID, headed by two brothers, Jon Ball and Zach Ball, that  focuses on customized, white hat link building strategies. The company work with a limited number of highly motivated clients who are focused on getting top search engine rankings. Everyone agrees that link building is an important part of their SEO strategy but many site owners lack the time and/or expertise to execute a cohesive and consistent link building plan. For more information please call usat: 208-229-7046; email us at: contact@pageonepower dot com, or write us via snail mail at our mailing address: Page One Power 1251 East Iron Eagle Drive Suite 200 Eagle, ID 83616. You can learn more about custom link building firm Page One Power at, or from its blogTwitterFacebook or Pinterest.


SES San Francisco Conference Session “SEO Tools of the Trade”

Aug. 15, 2012 12:05 p.m. SAN FRANCISCO, CA.–- The SEO Swiss Army Kinife, according to Marcus Tober
CTO, of SearchMetrics Inc., is a tool that will include a search engine with a number of add ons, such as the FireFox browser, which allows you multiple uses at the same time. He added that the Microsoft IIS Toolkit gives great in-depth analysis of site structure and SEO violations, as well as a sitemap generator. He added that it has disadvantages include its requirement of the Microsoft server to use it as well as its slowness.

Another tool is the Screaming Frog desktop SEO crawler, which has a free version that will crawl up to 500 URLs. On, out of Germany, also offers the same utility, Tober said. “It’s made with love and brain in Bavaria,”  he said. Tober referred to the Google Panda/Penguin updates as a big “Ouch” that hit the SEO world, and advised webmasters to look at their web analytics, and after further research to compare Google analytics and search metrics to find correlations between URLs, keywords and domain level drops.

Tober says technical changes such as redesigns can also affect page ranks, and reminds site owners to double check their robot.txt.

Your daily traffic rank is an indicator of a Panda/Penguin hits, but Tober advised that recovery is possible if appropriate changes are made.

If Penguin hit you, if you got a letter from Matt, you have to do something, Tober said.

Tober recommends using link research tools and Majestic SEO search tools, but to be careful to use cumulative and non-cumulative tools, as well as multiple sources to determine a comprehensive link profile. It is especially good to use the cool new features of webmaster tools, he said.

Zach Ball

About Zach Ball

Zach Ball earned degrees in political science and secondary education, but ended up starting an internet marketing firm with his brother Jon. That firm is Page One Power.


Jon Ball Live At SES San Francisco

Jon Ball just kicked off his latest presentation on link building strategies at SES Conference & Expo (Twitter hashtag #SESSF, in the West Moscone conference room 2008.

Seven White Hat Link Building philosophies are what Google likes, since they want us to play Google’s game, Ball said. “If Matt Cutts–Google’s weapon against spam–was standing over your shoulder, would he like the link?

One of the first strategies he’s tackling is where would you be in a world without Google? Where would your links go? Ball says to start with local links. If you are in Tuscaloosca, get your links in Tuscaloosca. Ball, speaking in a venue where he naturally shines, had an engaged, enthusiastic audience that moved increasingly closer for photographing purposes.



12:29 p.m.

Using the example of couponing, those people who buy a mountain of groceries for 10 cents, and take a photo of them, and post a badge on their site as an award.  

12:10 p.m.

Blogging is vital to white hat link building, since it gives you a voice and presence online. It magnifies yours search terms by 100 times, establishes your authority, Ball said.

A productive blog will know who their audience is, will determine the best categories for the blog and will use keyword lists and amazing blog posts. Editorial calendars and readership are crucial, as is promotion, Ball said. It is very important to use social media to promote your blog, buy PPC for it. Interview experts and others and they will share your interviews on their blog for some great links. We gave interviews on our blogs and have gotten great links from it. It’s a blog that has action and meaning for people, advised Ball.

12:15 p.m.

Link Love

Give some love. If you give love you get love back, Ball said. It works with links as well.

12:21 p.m.

Local Keyword Research

Using keyword news, experts, associations, forums, blogs, trade shows, events and classified ads online. Using online trade associations, classifieds and is a great, free way to get natural looking links.

Guest posting is a strategy that allows you to post guest post articles on target sites in exchange for a link, however you shouldn’t limit yourself to write for us blogs. Those are just a tiny portion of the millions of blogs out there and if you contact them in a human way, a personalized way to do it right, don’t use canned email or an article spun out of your “Article Spinner 2012.” Then ask for a link in the body of the article, and then send a thank you email, and promote the published post with your social media, Ball explains.

12:25 p.m.

Testimonials about great businesses, and post them with links to their sites. Ask for a links, and you’ll get them in return.

Ball also pointed out that forum posting and blog commenting are strategies that have lost some of their shine, but he said they do still work. He also recommended giving away free stuff, holding contests, posting reviews and asking for links in exchange.

His favorite online marketing tactic includes “Going Crazy” such as the Will it Blend campaign.




Operation Food Drive: P1P Gives Back

Local Company Hopes to Net 500 lbs. of Food, Monetary Donations for Eagle Food Bank

Got Food?

Some families don’t. When it comes to going without, Idaho isn’t immune to hunger pangs.

In fact, Idaho kids are the hardest hit, since over a quarter of the child population in the state get assistance from Idaho’s Food Bank Network, and over 16 percent of the state’s kids are below the poverty line, according to the independent non-profit organization, the Idaho Foodbank (IFB). Continue reading “Operation Food Drive: P1P Gives Back” »

Zach Ball

About Zach Ball

Zach Ball earned degrees in political science and secondary education, but ended up starting an internet marketing firm with his brother Jon. That firm is Page One Power.