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love actually

Outreach Actually

The most frustrating part of being a link builder: the constant rejection. Even the best link builders aren’t going to hit all of their prospects. It’s hard not to let the rejection get to you, but remember: ’tis the Christmas season. There are polite ways to go about it. Let’s take a cue from the famed cue card scene from the Christmas classic Love Actually.

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Jesse Stoler

About Jesse Stoler

Jesse Stoler is a Content Specialist at Page One Power, a link building firm based out of Boise, Idaho. His hobbies include stand up comedy and pretending he has fans.


Want to Write Authentic Guest Posts? Think like a Writer

Blog readers love actionable articles! Break it into steps! They want lists! Put numbers in your title!

It’s likely that you’ve read (and internalized) these tips over the course of your guest blogging career, only to have your “10 Ways to Prepare your HVAC System for Gurnenthar’s Ascendance” either ignored or outright rejected by high-quality sites. While we’ve all benefitted from content like this, well, we’ve already benefitted from content like this—it’s been done before.

Writing clearly is not enough on its own. The writer must be creatively invested in the piece so it sounds authentic.

Think Like a Writer

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Megan Williams

About Megan Williams

Megan Williams is a poet and writer based in Boise, Idaho. When not working as a Content Specialist for Page One Power, Megan runs GHOSTS & PROJECTORS. a poetry reading series and concocts new ways to prepare kale for her hunny and her bunny.


Strategies to Create Titles Worth Pitching



He’s a Ghost!

If You Leave Me, I Delete You

Slightly Pregnant

According to the Jesse Stoler Council on Made Up Economics, cinema has been one of America’s top exports for the last decade (others include chemicals and NSA whistleblowers).  Of course, when our films are screened around the globe, the titles can get Meetings and Failures in Meetings (thank Portugal for that meta title).

Thank China for the first title: the Chinese are officially the only people that rival M. Night Shyamalan at ruining a twist ending. Thank Italy for the second title: congratulations on reducing the greatest film of the new century to nothing more than a Facebook spat. And thank Peru for the third title; now I know that the Peruvians have such a fundamental misunderstanding of the reproductive system they could run for the United States Congress.

All of these titles would have left potential audience members astray. Link builders know that the wrong title in a pitch can leave webmasters astray in the same way. As I’ve said in previous posts, outreach is the crux of link building. Since the dawn of guest posting, webmasters have seen countless pitches that clearly took all the energy of moving fingers from Ctrl+C to Ctrl+V.

Webmasters are eager to see pitches that show even a modicum of personality. What they’re also looking for are titles that are going to pique the interest of their readership. Webmasters, and yes the Google referees even, are looking for content with a purpose; content that will get shared.

So how do you come up with such titles in your pitch? Thankfully, there are a few tips.

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Jesse Stoler

About Jesse Stoler

Jesse Stoler is a Content Specialist at Page One Power, a link building firm based out of Boise, Idaho. His hobbies include stand up comedy and pretending he has fans.

7 Ways to Find Sites for Guest Posting

7 Ways to Find Sites for Guest Posting

“I’ve reached the end of the internet,” you say with a sigh and a heavy heart.

It’s happened to all of us. Link building is hard work, and it’s easy to feel like you’ve reached the end of your niche when it comes to guest posting opportunities. There’s no perfect way to find relevant sites, and I’ve found that you need to combine many methods for true success.

Here are 7 methods that my team at Page One Power and I use every day. They work for us, seeing as how we haven’t run into the end of the internet yet.

7 Ways to Find Sites for Guest Posting

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Jon Ball

About Jon Ball

Jon Ball is VP of Business Development for Page One Power. Jon specializes in highly effective link building strategies, which he uses for clients all over the world. He’s also an avid photographer. Every Friday, Jon answers popular link building questions for FAQ Friday.


Confessions Of A Rookie Guest Blogger

Editor’s Note: We have another guest post for you today. We’re joined by Jacob McMillen, who’s writing on behalf of SmithSEO, an SEO agency that works with law firms across the United States. Jacob’s ‘confession’ is pretty much a universal truth for link builders and SEOs– you have to start somewhere! 

I thought this was going to be a lot easier. After all, I’m a pretty good writer. At least that’s what all my English teachers told me from elementary school through college. I was so confident that I could write articles that blog owners would post in a heartbeat. I was wrong.

When I started working as a link builder for a local SEO company, I was introduced to the two places creativity goes to die: Textbroker and MyBlogGuest. I think I had a figurative heart attack the first time I read the guest posts we ordered from TB. I mean, the grammar was okay, and the articles were complete, but they were entirely devoid of any and all personality. How could anyone ever be entertained by this?

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About Jacob McMillen

Jacob McMillen is a quite possibly delusional freelance writer, getting his feel for the industry and guest blogging for SmithSEO while trying to figure out what the heck he’s doing.

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