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Industry Headlines: Mashable Says Social Media Ad Revenues to Double By 2016 [REPORT]

By , originally posted Monday, Nov. 26, 2012 via Mashable

Good news for those who believe social media advertising revenues will be crushed by mobile: A researcher is estimating that the category will double by 2016 to become a $9.2 billion business, in the U.S. at least.

BIA/Kelsey projects a 19.2% annual growth rate for the next four years for social media ads. The researcher believes that so-called native ads like Facebook’s Sponsored Stories and Twitter’s Promoted Tweets will lead the growth. Such native social advertising will grow from $1.5 billion in 2012 to $3.9 billion in 2016 for a 26% annual growth rate. BIA/Kelsey predicts that FacebookTwitter and others including StumbleUpon and Tumblr will be able to command higher prices for the formats.

Even the oft-derided social display ads — the ads you see on Facebook’s right-hand column or the banners on YouTube — will also grow from $3 billion in 2012 to $5.4 billion in 2016, which amounts to a compound growth rate of 15.2%.

The report’s sunny take contrasts a bit with a pervasive belief that the growth of mobile will torpedo overall ad revenues. For instance, Facebook’s stock fell as low as $17.55 after the company went public at $38 as investors punished the company for its perceived lack of ability to monetize its growing mobile audience. But even Google, which has anticipated the mobile revolution, has seen its average cost-per-click fall as mobile takes a bigger slice of the overall pie.

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Industry Headlines: Was There A Google Panda Refresh? #22

By  Originally Posted Nov. 19, 2012 on Search Engine Roundtable

I am seeing lots of chatter and discussion around another Google update that started around Friday, November 16th.

It may be a Panda refresh or some other type of update. But the discussion seems to be implying there was a small Panda refresh this past Friday, November 16th.

Mozcast doesn’t show much of a shift but SERP Metricsdoes show a small uptick in changes at Google.

If there was a Panda refresh, that would only put about two weeks between Panda #21 and this Panda refresh.

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Industry Headlines: Using AuthorRank To Future-Proof Guest Posting

By Patrick Hathaway via Search Engine People

There is a problem with guest blogging: SEOs have got hold of it. As with almost every link building method known to man, if there is a way to scale a process, SEOs will find it. Whilst there is nothing wrong with scalable methods per se, they are often irrevocably linked to a decrease in quality. Good SEOs will be able to maintain quality and use guest posts properly – as a means to build brand exposure and leverage new audiences, attracting qualified traffic as well as links – however, there will be plenty of SEOs who won’t. Continue reading “Industry Headlines: Using AuthorRank To Future-Proof Guest Posting” »


Industry Headlines: The New SEO: How to Build an Online Presence Google Will Love!

By  Originally Published Nov. 7, 2012 via The Huffington Post

With all the changes to Google many Internet gurus have predicted the end of SEO. Well, it’s not the end per se, but rather a change from the way we used to market online. The reason Google is making these changes (also known as Penguin and Panda) is to help with authentic search. For years, many of us struggled to battle the black hat Internet marketing people who always seemed to find a way to push their project up in the ranking by using tricks to game the system in their favor. Now this time has passed. It doesn’t mean that these marketing people aren’t still up to their dirty tricks, but it does mean that the playing field has been leveled and it’s becoming harder and harder to “rig” Google in your favor.

Why does this matter to you? Because you want to know how to prevent your site from getting hit by a Google update. If it does it could mean that you rarely, if ever, come up high in search results. Or, you could be banished to page 54 on a Google search and I can almost guarantee you, few people will ever dig through search results past page three. If you’re that far back you’ll never get noticed or, for that matter, get traffic.

Keywords Still Matter

The things that haven’t changed with Google are keywords and backlinks. Both of these are still important though Google is becoming more intuitive, so if you’re searching for keywords you may also want to search on a variety of terms for one keyword. As an example, the term “mobile phone” is also cell phone, iPhone, Droid, etc. Google is using a much more human touch to searches and they know that users don’t always pop the exact keywords into a Google search. They’ll pop in the keywords they are accustomed to using. When you’re creating your keyword list, it’s not a bad idea to expand the list to include this user terminology. Continue reading “Industry Headlines: The New SEO: How to Build an Online Presence Google Will Love!” »

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Industry Headlines–The King And His Court

Content, Relevancy and Relationships In Post-Penguin Link Building

 By Cody Cahill , originally published Oct. 29,2012, via SEOMoz

Editor’s Note-The author who penned this article is Cody Cahill, one of our many talented writers on staff at Page One Power. His articles cover a range of subjects, including search engine optimization (SEO), the ethics of the web and tips for writers and bloggers. 
“Content is where I expect much of the real money will be made on the Internet.” – Bill Gates, “Content is King”, January 3, 1996

For many years, content was treated by SEO professionals with anything but regal regard. Often relegated to subordinate duties – or banished altogether – in favor of aggressive link building strategies, King Content’s ascendency to the crown was delayed.

Instead, black-hat SEO practitioners reigned supreme, bolstered by their armies of link spam, article directories and link farms. The white-hat philosophy of using high-quality, creative content to generate notice and build links was persecuted into exile.

But the evil empire began to crumble in the wake of Google’s Panda and Penguin updates, and a new hierarchy has begun to emerge. Content has taken its rightful place at the throne – it’s the key to any long-term link building campaign – and the King is nobly surrounded by fellow royals Relevancy and Relationships.

Unfortunately, there are still many in the realm of guest post link building that attempt to circumvent the edicts handed down by King Content and His Court, stubbornly relying on get-links-quick methods that sacrifice the kingliness and long-term viability of quality content in favor of less regal virtues like quantity and rapidity.

As cream rises to the top of the pail, so too in time will those that heed the decrees of King Content be ascended above those that defy him. In other words – to step away from this silly monarchy metaphor – if you are writing and creating poor quality content and hoping that this will lead you to a mountain of good links, you will be sorely disappointed when you find that all you have created is a pile of crap – and a link portfolio that emits that unmistakable odor which will undoubtedly detected by future algorithmic updates. Continue reading “Industry Headlines–The King And His Court” »

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