Opinion–There’s No Such Thing As Friendly Competition In SEO

Americans love competition.  Competition is a part of our backbone.  If you look at the Nielsen ratings, the Super Bowl is consistently the highest rated television program year after year.  When the NFL Super Bowl isn’t on, most of the other top shows are no longer the kind of scripted shows that have reigned over the nightly programming since the advent of the tube. Instead, they are “reality” television programs, premised on finding the best karaoke singer, or the best backstabber/conniver living on an island.

The news media, which was meant by the founding fathers to act as the fourth estate and watchdog over the tyranny of the defined branches of government, has instead become a manic, 24-hour electoral prognosticator, obsessed with political races, not the issues that should define them. Continue reading “Why Can’t The SEO Community Get Along?” »

Jesse Stoler

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Jesse Stoler is a Content Specialist at Page One Power, a link building firm based out of Boise, Idaho. His hobbies include stand up comedy and pretending he has fans.