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eBook Announcement – Link Building: From Beginning to Launch

Page One Power is pleased to announce the release of our first eBook! Link Building: From Beginning to Launch is 102 pages of useful, actionable information.


The best news is it’s totally FREE - all you have to do is head over to and sign up for our bi-monthly newsletter or simply tweet #linklife to @PageOnePower.

In this eBook, you’ll learn:

      • What link building is & how it works
      • The history of link building
      • Campaign launch preparations
      • Link analysis
      • Backlink profile analysis
      • Competitor analysis
      • Link reclamation
      • Finding web mentions
      • Local link building
      • Building links through relationships

This eBook was designed for total beginners and seasoned link builders alike. We’ve been in the link building trenches for a long time now, and we want to pass along our knowledge, expertise, and most effective tactics on to you.

Not all of this stuff is simple, but we make it easy to understand with screenshots, examples, and actionable advice.

If you have any comments, questions, or thoughts you’d like to share please send an email to ccollins (at) pageonepower (dot) com. Thanks!


Cory Collins

About Cory Collins

Cory Collins is a writer and beer enthusiast living in Boise, Idaho. He currently works as a Content Specialist for Page One Power, and doesn't always talk in the third person – but when he does, it’s great.


Join us at Linkarati

As you might have noticed, there hasn’t been much activity at the P1P blog lately. It’s not because we’ve been slacking (although the marketing department is sometimes easily distracted on Thursday afternoons), but because we’ve decided to focus our writing efforts elsewhere.

Late last year, P1P’s creative team decided on something new. We asked ourselves one question– do agency blogs ever build up a real community? We’ve had some amazing guest posts, valuable comments and intense discussion here, there’s no doubt about it. We just think we can do more.

With that in mind, we created Linkarati.

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Dustin Verburg

About Dustin Verburg

Dustin Verburg is a writer and musician based in Boise, ID. He is the Content and Media Director for Page One Power. His greatest fear is that you might decide to follow him on Twitter.


Link Building Resolutions for 2014

January 1st has come and gone.  Has your blog written its New Year’s resolution-themed content yet?

From the Huffington Post’s resolutions for “progressives” to Idealist Careers’ “professional” resolutions (complete with linkbait gifs!), it seems that every site needs a post that reflects on 2013 and strategizes ways to improve in 2014. As you can tell from the title of this piece, this blog is no exception. I mean, who doesn’t want to take a stab at writing the definitive piece on link building going into the New Year?

But did link building change much in 2013? Did you?

Sure, we’ve had Google algorithm updates. We’ve seen Anglo Rank and Rap Genius get busted for bad practices. We make minor adjustments but let Google take the lead. We talk about link building like its something that we’re getting away with as opposed to a marketing tactic that is necessary as long as links play a role in both Google’s algorithm and connecting relevant content across the internet. Continue reading “Link Building Resolutions for 2014” »

Megan Williams

About Megan Williams

Megan Williams is a poet and writer based in Boise, Idaho. When not working as a Content Specialist for Page One Power, Megan runs GHOSTS & PROJECTORS. a poetry reading series and concocts new ways to prepare kale for her hunny and her bunny.


Anglo Rank Believed to be Latest Target in Google’s Campaign to Punish Link Networks

Anglo Rank

As link builders, we must always keep a close eye on how Google views the links we are acquiring. Building links that appear “unnatural” in the eyes of Google can lead to some serious consequences and potential penalties. Although it is impossible to determine exactly what Google considers unnatural, Google Webmaster Tools does provide some descriptions we can use for reference. According to the “Link Schemes” portion of Google’s Webmaster Tools, some examples include:

  • Buying or selling links that pass PageRank. This includes exchanging money for links, or posts that contain links; exchanging goods or services for links; or sending someone a “free” product in exchange for them writing about it and including a link
  • Excessive link exchanges (“Link to me and I’ll link to you”) or partner pages exclusively for the sake of cross-linking

These two examples fit the description of a common black-hat SEO practice referred to as a “link network”. Anglo Rank is the latest target in Google’s relentless campaign to bring down these link networks.

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About Andrew Dennis

Andrew Dennis is a Content Marketing Specialist at Page One Power, a relevancy first link building firm in Boise, ID. Andrew is a graduate of the University of Idaho and consequently a lifelong Vandals fan. This, coupled with his love for the Detroit Lions, has resulted in a life full of sadness.


Strategies to Create Titles Worth Pitching



He’s a Ghost!

If You Leave Me, I Delete You

Slightly Pregnant

According to the Jesse Stoler Council on Made Up Economics, cinema has been one of America’s top exports for the last decade (others include chemicals and NSA whistleblowers).  Of course, when our films are screened around the globe, the titles can get Meetings and Failures in Meetings (thank Portugal for that meta title).

Thank China for the first title: the Chinese are officially the only people that rival M. Night Shyamalan at ruining a twist ending. Thank Italy for the second title: congratulations on reducing the greatest film of the new century to nothing more than a Facebook spat. And thank Peru for the third title; now I know that the Peruvians have such a fundamental misunderstanding of the reproductive system they could run for the United States Congress.

All of these titles would have left potential audience members astray. Link builders know that the wrong title in a pitch can leave webmasters astray in the same way. As I’ve said in previous posts, outreach is the crux of link building. Since the dawn of guest posting, webmasters have seen countless pitches that clearly took all the energy of moving fingers from Ctrl+C to Ctrl+V.

Webmasters are eager to see pitches that show even a modicum of personality. What they’re also looking for are titles that are going to pique the interest of their readership. Webmasters, and yes the Google referees even, are looking for content with a purpose; content that will get shared.

So how do you come up with such titles in your pitch? Thankfully, there are a few tips.

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Jesse Stoler

About Jesse Stoler

Jesse Stoler is a Content Specialist at Page One Power, a link building firm based out of Boise, Idaho. His hobbies include stand up comedy and pretending he has fans.

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