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Link Building Resolutions for 2014

January 1st has come and gone.  Has your blog written its New Year’s resolution-themed content yet?

From the Huffington Post’s resolutions for “progressives” to Idealist Careers’ “professional” resolutions (complete with linkbait gifs!), it seems that every site needs a post that reflects on 2013 and strategizes ways to improve in 2014. As you can tell from the title of this piece, this blog is no exception. I mean, who doesn’t want to take a stab at writing the definitive piece on link building going into the New Year?

But did link building change much in 2013? Did you?

Sure, we’ve had Google algorithm updates. We’ve seen Anglo Rank and Rap Genius get busted for bad practices. We make minor adjustments but let Google take the lead. We talk about link building like its something that we’re getting away with as opposed to a marketing tactic that is necessary as long as links play a role in both Google’s algorithm and connecting relevant content across the internet. Continue reading “Link Building Resolutions for 2014” »

Megan Williams

About Megan Williams

Megan Williams is a poet and writer based in Boise, Idaho. When not working as a Content Specialist for Page One Power, Megan runs GHOSTS & PROJECTORS. a poetry reading series and concocts new ways to prepare kale for her hunny and her bunny.

Natural Backlink Portfolio

What is a Natural Backlink Portfolio? | Understanding Natural Links

Editor’s Note: Today’s post is from Keredy Andrews of Punch Communications. In this piece, Keredy talks about what a natural backlink portfolio is and isn’t– and that’s an important thing to remember. As SEOs and link builders, we often get too focused on scooping up great links with grand slam anchor text, but need to work from a broader perspective if we want to keep it natural. A natural backlink portfolio is a must for your site, the search engines and the user. Take it away, Keredy!

As search engines continue to become ever more sophisticated to ensure the most relevant results are returned to users, SEO professionals have to take on the challenge to try and get their brands’ websites visible in ranking pages. Google releases a new algorithm, we react; it subtly alters its webmaster guidelines, we react. Whilst at the current time, a focus in the search world is quality on-site content, a site’s backlink profile remains a key indication for search engines, as it is through links that they discover pages across the web.

Natural Backlink Portfolio

Continue reading “What is a Natural Backlink Portfolio? | Understanding Natural Links” »

Keredy Andrews

About Keredy Andrews

Keredy Andrews is an account director at PR, social media and SEO agency Punch Communications, serving a range of global clients. She has over ten years’ experience in communications, marketing and events, and regularly contributes industry insight to websites, including the Punch Communications blog.


Penguin-Friendly Link Building in Three Easy Steps

In April of 2012, Google achieved the impossible. They made the word “Penguin” scary. See, you read that word and you shuddered, ever so briefly. If you had read “penguin” in March, you would have smiled and imagined an awkward, flightless bird tripping over snow, maybe even trying to dance. Now you just picture your website plummeting through the search engine rankings pages (SERP)s.

But that’s not how it has to be. In fact, it may be hard to believe, but fear of Penguin is kind of a “the sky is falling” type of hysteria. The truth is, Google’s Penguin algorithm update is not penalizing any methods that really benefitted you anyway. What it does do is strive to get rid of a lot of the spam that is cluttering up the internet. Continue reading “Penguin-Friendly Link Building in Three Easy Steps” »


The 4 B’s of Link Building

P1P is known for its link building prowess and diversity, but did you also know that its co-founders are credited with coming up with some of the core principles of link building? From a very basic link building-centric philosophy, Jon Ball has devised a quick and easy way to categorize all link building strategies into 4 basic strategies. Bag, Beg, Build and Buy.

The 4 B’s of Link Building



The link is in the bag!

When you have something in the bag, you know you’ve done a good job of it. Part of the “Four Bs” of link building strategy created by Jon Ball, co-founder of Page One Power, bag refers to something on your site that a third-party chooses to link to, or a “natural link” on your site.

The idea here is to create content on your site that is so incredible, everyone will link to it and you’ll have some nice organic links to your site. This is a difficult strategy since it requires such an investment in time, energy and resources for making original content.

However, it’s an effective strategy if you want your site to get better ranks in the SERP based on its own merit. If you are working everyday to create new, original content that draws page views and links, and then getting that valuable content in front of web users, you’ll have conquered one of the most valid forms of link building in the long game.

Work hard, put out amazing content, and you’ve got those natural links in the bag in no time.

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Link Building FTW!

Everyone Wins with Contests

Sweet contest results

I don’t know about you, but I love to win stuff. Ever since I won a big, fat chocolate cake with white coconut butter cream frosting all to my 7-year-old self during an elementary school carnival cake walk, I’ve been hooked on the thrill of winning.  Be it lottery winnings or Cracker Jack prizes, I’d wager that most people love taking a chance against the odds at winning a contest. If you are seeking to increase links to your site, a contest is an excellent way to encourage link love. Ah, but, how exactly does one hold a contest with online? That’s where we come in. Our biggest suggestion is to know your audience when planning a contest that will inspire linking.

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