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P1P Gives Back–Boys & Girls Club Edition

Press Release

Thursday, Oct. 25–An all-volunteer crew had the opportunity to get their hands dirty today during a “P1P Gives Back” event at the Ada County Boys & Girls Club Moseley Center Clubhouse in Garden City.

A volunteer team from local link building firm Page One Power teamed up with Chris Keilty, of Keilty Remodeling and the National Association of The Remodeling Industry (NARI) of Idaho, to volunteer their time sweeping, scrubbing, cleaning and washing up in preparation for painting the following morning. Continue reading “P1P Gives Back–Boys & Girls Club Edition” »

Summer Food Drive

Page One Power Gives Back in August

Today we launched our first local food drive for the Eagle Idaho food bank. Our teams gallantly strolled into local business asking them to encourage their employees or customers to bring food to be picked up on July 31st. Our goal is to collect 500lbs of non-perishable foods that can help those who are hungry this summer. We are proud that our employees happily participated and we all appreciate the good feelings that come from service projects. Unfortunately I didn’t have the foresight to get a camera before we all hit the street with our collection boxes, but I’ll be sure that when we pick up on July 31st we’ll get a nice pic of the group.  Thanks to the Page One Power employees for participating now we hope we can see some of our fellow businesses pitch in with a few cans here and there.


Zach Ball

About Zach Ball

Zach Ball earned degrees in political science and secondary education, but ended up starting an internet marketing firm with his brother Jon. That firm is Page One Power.


Operation Food Drive: P1P Gives Back

Local Company Hopes to Net 500 lbs. of Food, Monetary Donations for Eagle Food Bank

Got Food?

Some families don’t. When it comes to going without, Idaho isn’t immune to hunger pangs.

In fact, Idaho kids are the hardest hit, since over a quarter of the child population in the state get assistance from Idaho’s Food Bank Network, and over 16 percent of the state’s kids are below the poverty line, according to the independent non-profit organization, the Idaho Foodbank (IFB). Continue reading “Operation Food Drive: P1P Gives Back” »

Zach Ball

About Zach Ball

Zach Ball earned degrees in political science and secondary education, but ended up starting an internet marketing firm with his brother Jon. That firm is Page One Power.


P1P Gives Back in June

As part of its ongoing “P1P Gives Back” initiative, the volunteer staff of Page One Power opted to participate in another city clean-up project. This time the group of so-called “link building geeks” tackled picking up litter and refuse around the Boise River Greenbelt.

As the link building firm continues to expand its operations at its Idaho location, company founders Jon and Zach Ball  say they are committed to directing their resources for ongoing community service projects.

P1P staff members, lured by the company social media manager with promises of free sunshine and good karma, eagerly tackled the debris and trash strewn along the banks of the river. More seasoned employees who were already onto the strategy reluctantly trudged outdoors without protective sunscreen.

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P1P Gives Back... but do you really want them to?

Page One Power Gives Back: The Inaugural Mission

The clean up crew

About a month ago, Jon Ball pulled me into his office to discuss a new plan of action for the Page One Power company. This wasn’t like other meetings we’ve had where we discussed the direction of a blog post or the type of content he wanted. This time, he was jazzed up about doing something good for the local community.  He wanted to start-up a new initiative… that giving back to the local community with small service projects.

“Just something,” he said, “I want to do something. I mean, yes, we’re a national company but we are situated here in Idaho and its a community that has been good to us. The least we can do is try to give a bit back.”

Of course, being a complete sucker for do-gooder-y, I was amped. Not to mention, as the social media manager, I was envisioning golden-laced photo ops of Page One Power putting out fires and rescuing missing children. In terms of marketing, it was a mother-load for spectacular PR. The possibilities were endless… and oh, my social media marketing nerves were twitching.

But, really, for co-founders Jon and Zach, that isn’t what it’s about.

Maybe they’re great actors, but I doubt it. They legitimately seem give a damn about making their little chunk of the Boise metropolis a little better. Today we inaugurated our first mission, and I couldn’t help myself but to have t-shirts made up, and then to blog about it… and photograph it…and Tweet it…. you get the idea. I wanted the potential of some really good PR. The P1P guys? Well, they just want to be able to tell their wives and kids that they did good things today, not just in terms of being good or honest businessmen, but for the sake of being good humans.


It's not all trash...some of us found usable gift cards.

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