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Why PageRank (and Even Domain Authority) Shouldn’t be Your First Metric in Link Building

Invariably, we encounter clients who think that PageRank, or Domain Authority, should be treated as the north star of link building.

True, there’s value in measuring and assessing these two metrics before chasing a link, but it certainly shouldn’t be concern numero uno.

There have been plenty of articles, posts, and even rants about why PageRank is a lousy metric to chase. And they do a remarkably great job breaking down the issues and faults with a PR centric view.

Domain Authority, the metric from Moz, is better, but still relies on the same approach – perceived authority through an algorithm. True, it updates faster, reports more detailed information, and I trust it more than the PR toolbar, but still I don’t believe it’s the metric we should be chasing.

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Jon Ball

About Jon Ball

Jon Ball is VP of Business Development for Page One Power. Jon specializes in highly effective link building strategies, which he uses for clients all over the world. He’s also an avid photographer. Every Friday, Jon answers popular link building questions for FAQ Friday.


Link Building 101 Webcast Rescheduled To Nov. 1

Press Release

UPDATE: Free Link Building 101 Webcast Rescheduled For Nov. 1

This free webcast has been postponed from Oct. 30 to Thusday, Nov. 1 at 1 p.m. EDT. It was previously scheduled today, but was changed due to difficulties resulting from the storm in New York City. Our thoughts are with the people of New York.

We apologize for any inconvenience, but would still encourage you to attend. Registration is ongoing, and you may register here.

Jon Ball, co-owner of leading link building firm, Page One Power will be presenting the webcast “Link Building 101: What Is It And Why Does It Matter” at 1 p.m., EDT, on Thursday, Nov. 1.

Jon Ball speaks on link building during a recent industry trade show.
Photo by Sarah Hurd-Sullivan.

The free, 60-minute session will educate listeners about link building, including topics such as inbound links, vital search engine optimization (SEO) practices, and other tools. “With link building being such an incredibly vital, essential portion of SEO, it goes without saying that marketers have to be able to understand what link building is,” Ball said.

“For those of you who are in the industry, or if you just want to understand what link building is, I’m going to give you the information you need to walk away from this session being able to know what it is, why it matters, and most importantly, with the ability to have that conversation with your clients on the subject that shows you know your stuff,” he said.

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Living For Link Building: An Addiction

Link building can be an all-consuming obsession.

We posted the infographic below, (it was created by the folks over at Shell Shock UK) because we couldn’t help but relate to it. (Yes, we’ve all been reading Linkspiel, for instance.)

When we say we live for link building, it’s not just a bumper sticker. If you’ve never done it, the niche oriented, custom link building and search engine optimization (SEO) that we do is almost like a puzzle that you get hooked on. And, it’s a puzzle you can’t stop until you’ve perfected it…and then you still keep working at it.

A hint: you know you’re hooked when you dream about link building in your sleep. We’re just waiting for Google to figure out a way to update its algorithm to affect the links built during REM sleep. Any day now… it’s coming, so don’t say we didn’t give you fair warning. At any rate, we have a love affair with link building, the process of link building, and the high we get from an all-out winner takes all outcome. We have had clients who didn’t show up with the first 50 pages of the search engine results pages (SERPs) and within weeks, they’re on the first page, in the top four. Continue reading “Living For Link Building: An Addiction” »


The 10 Most Popular Link Building Questions Now Available On Demand

In case you missed the live session, you can now access “The Ten Most Popular Link Building Questions” webcast from Page One Power’s Jon Ball and ClickZ Academy.

To listen, click here.

The free, 60-minute webcast offers information on link building topics that everyone has questions about. Continue reading “The 10 Most Popular Link Building Questions Now Available On Demand” »


Industry Headlines: The Case for Anonymous Writing


Editor’s Note-The author who penned this article is Dustin Verburg, one of our many talented writers on staff at Page One Power. His articles cover a range of subjects, including search engine optimization (SEO), the ethics of the web and tips for writers and bloggers. 


By Dustin Verburg, Published Oct. 4,2012, via Search Engine Journal 

On September 25, Todd Mintz wrote an article titled “The Stench of Anonymous Blogging” onMarketing Pilgrim. It’s a well-written post, and Todd makes a ton of good points. Transparency, accountability, and authenticity are all important in the world of search marketing. There are plenty of professionals with good advice that write under their real names.

I’m sure there’s also a lot of bad, crappy content or entire articles full of false information that were written under the veil of anonymity. I think Todd’s post, while full of good points, leans toward the reactionary side. The Internet and anonymity have been joined at the hip for as long as I can remember, and it will continue on that path into the future if left to its own devices. The ethics of anonymous blogging are an interesting and important topic, and it’s one that merits further discussion. Continue reading “Industry Headlines: The Case for Anonymous Writing” »

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