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Penguin 2.0 Now Live

Matt Cutts announced yesterday May 22nd that Penguin 2.0 is now live, affecting roughly 2.3% of English-US queries. Penguin 2.0 is also worldwide, with the scope of affected websites varying by language.

Cutts made the announcement through his blog, as well as on This Week In Google.

This is the fourth update of Penguin, including the initial release and two subsequent data refreshes.

The initial release affected ~3.1% of queries, with the two data refreshes affecting less than 0.1% and ~0.3%, respectively.

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Cory Collins

About Cory Collins

Cory Collins is a writer and beer enthusiast living in Boise, Idaho. He currently works as a Content Specialist for Page One Power, and doesn't always talk in the third person – but when he does, it’s great.

Video: Why Online Ads Are Ok & Paid Links Are Not

Ever wondered why it’s ok for a website to pay for online ads, but it’s not ok to pay for a link? Your question is answered in the Google Webmaster Help video below.

Why Do Paid Links Violate Google’s Guidelines While Other Ads Don’t?


News: The State Of Search

“I have learned my lesson. Anybody who builds a business based on the whims of a search engine’s algorithms — that’s a foolish thing to do.” ~Tim Carter. Carter is a site owner who CNET reported lost thousands of dollars after Google’s algorithm updates took effect.

There are lots of things afoot in the world of search these days, so here’s a roundup of the latest in search from Google, Yahoo and Bing.


Google may be soon be out of hot water since there are reports that the Federal Trade Commission’s investigation and potential anti-trust suit against the company is lacking some needed evidence. Continue reading “News: The State Of Search” »

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Industry Headlines: Was There A Google Panda Refresh? #22

By  Originally Posted Nov. 19, 2012 on Search Engine Roundtable

I am seeing lots of chatter and discussion around another Google update that started around Friday, November 16th.

It may be a Panda refresh or some other type of update. But the discussion seems to be implying there was a small Panda refresh this past Friday, November 16th.

Mozcast doesn’t show much of a shift but SERP Metricsdoes show a small uptick in changes at Google.

If there was a Panda refresh, that would only put about two weeks between Panda #21 and this Panda refresh.

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Industry Headlines: Using AuthorRank To Future-Proof Guest Posting

By Patrick Hathaway via Search Engine People

There is a problem with guest blogging: SEOs have got hold of it. As with almost every link building method known to man, if there is a way to scale a process, SEOs will find it. Whilst there is nothing wrong with scalable methods per se, they are often irrevocably linked to a decrease in quality. Good SEOs will be able to maintain quality and use guest posts properly – as a means to build brand exposure and leverage new audiences, attracting qualified traffic as well as links – however, there will be plenty of SEOs who won’t. Continue reading “Industry Headlines: Using AuthorRank To Future-Proof Guest Posting” »

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