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Web Traffic with LinkedIn Groups

Drive More Website Traffic using LinkedIn Groups

Editor’s Note: Two guest posts in a row– that’s a first for us. Today, Cheryl Ellemberg of ABD Promotions schools us on how to use LinkedIn Groups to our advantage. This is good stuff– short, sweet and actionable. It’s easy to be lazy about LinkedIn and ignore the whole thing, but Cheryl shows us that it’s just as easy to be UNlazy. Mind=blown. Take it away, Cheryl!

When dealing with Business to Business marketing, on eof the best ways to get the attention of professionals in your target audience is to focus on LinkedIn groups.  These groups allow you to focus your marketing energy in business sectors that can benefit from your services.  It also is a direct method of reaching out to professionals that are interested in your area of expertise and ready and willing to take advantage of networking opportunities.  Below are 10 easy steps to promoting your business using LinkedIn.

Web Traffic with LinkedIn Groups

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About Cheryl Ellemberg

Cheryl Ellemberg is the founder of ABD Promotions and the main contributor to the Small Business Marketing Blog. Her experience and networking skills have helped her become a leader in promoting small businesses. With a strong emphasis on critical thinking and problem solving, she continues to help small businesses become successful. She has over ten thousand followers on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.

Getting Maximum Returns from Google Plus

Getting Maximum Returns from Google Plus

Editor’s Note: Today’s post comes to us from Ryan Howard of Complete Web Resources, a small business SEO firm based in Austin, TX. Google+ is becoming increasingly useful for marketers and online publishers, and Ryan offers some excellent tips on how to make the most of your G+ ventures. Take it away, Ryan!

With nearly half a billion registered users, Google+ has materialized into a major player in the social media game. Businesses of every size can take advantage of this emerging outlet to increase their brand awareness while promoting their products and services. By effectively utilizing the power of Google Plus, you can maximize your return and get the most out of time spent on social.

Getting Maximum Returns from Google Plus

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Ryan Howard

About Ryan Howard

Ryan Howard runs Complete Web Resources, a SEO services company based in Austin, Texas.

6 Ways to Build Links with Twitter

6 Ways To Build Links With Twitter

Editor’s Note: Today’s post comes to us from Simon Trainer of Business Mapper. We featured one of Simon’s pieces in our fifteenth link building roundup a couple of weeks ago, and shortly thereafter he offered to write a post for us. In this piece, Simon offers some good ideas for actually doing something productive on Twitter in between watching Amanda Bynes meltdowns. Take it away, Simon!

Many people think Twitter is good for brand and content promotion as well as driving traffic, but few people use the popular micro blogging platform for actual link building opportunities.  Here are some ways to leverage Twitter’s functionality and to build powerful links to your website.

Let’s get started!

6 Ways to Build Links with Twitter

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Simon Trainer

About Simon Trainer

Simon Trainer is the co-founder of Business Mapper an integrated marketing agency based in Bury St Edmunds, UK. He also helps small businesses improve their SEO.


Page One Power’s Win $100 Contest

Contest Update

Congratulations to Sarah Hurd-Sullivan, our lucky winner!

Want To Win $100?

Show Us Some Page One Power Love,

We’ll Show You The Money!

We don’t know anyone who doesn’t like a little extra cash in the old pocketbook, and we also haven’t met a person who doesn’t like to win money, either. If that sounds like you, too, then you’re in luck.

We’re hosting an online Facebook contest for a $100 cash credit card. It’s so easy to enter and win, that you could probably do it in your sleep. The idea is to get a lovefest going… a Page One Power lovefest. 

Three Ways to Enter:

ONE: LIKE our Facebook page.

If you already like us, (Hey, thanks! We like you, too!) get a friend to like our Facebook page. Just make sure you let us know who sent them.

***Note: You can’t just like a post, you have to like the whole Page One Power Facebook Page. ***

TWO: Post A Photo To Our Facebook Page

Post a photo on our wall of yourself, your friends, your colleagues, your kids, or your pets holding up a sign that says, “I Love Page One Power” or wearing a t-shirt, or basically something in the photo that indicates how much you love Page One Power.


THREE: Post A Video to the Page One Power Facebook Page

Post a video of you singing a love song, a testimonial to the virtues of Page One Power or of you eating cereal with your friends, as long as you say something awesome about us, it gets you entered.

Come on all of you lovers of Page One Power  and Facebook Likers! What have you got to lose? Show the world  that…you’ll do just about anything for a little money. Just kidding! Show the world a little love for Page One Power, and We’ll Show You The Money!


Head to the Page One Power website for great articles on link building, business, search engine news and other online marketing topics.

A few lucky runners-up will be awarded Page One Power swag… t-shirts, pens, etc., and/or a discount code to use on our custom link building services.

RECAP: Liking us on Facebook, getting a friend to Like us, or posting an original photo or video showing the world your love for Page One Power gets you entered into the contest for $100.

TIPS: Selection of best photo or video is up to the powers that be over at Page One Power, but we’re leaning towards awarding the $100 to the most creative, funny, intelligent, well-thought-out entrant… you know, you’ll want to really make us feel loved.

(*Our lawyers said we have to mention that Facebook is not responsible for contest. Don’t forget that we’re all still friends even if we don’t win, etc.)

Video: Google+ Implications on SEO Strategy By Rand Fishkin


In this video, Fishkin talks sharing strategy, social metrics, claiming pages for your brand, and the click-through rates for your sharing.

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