We Sell Our Link Building by the Hour

We sell our link building by the hour because there are so many variables with each project, and because selling our services by the link doesn’t compute. Every project (based upon niche, strategy and particular needs) is wildly different, and some projects get great links quickly while other projects require much more effort and time.

When you buy a link building package from us we give you full accounting for every minute you’ve purchased. P1P works hard, so rest assured that the time you purchase is used wisely by hyper-focused, savvy link builders. We want to give you the most best links possible.

How Many Hours do I Need?

Our link building is sold in 40 hour units. You can buy one unit or you can buy as many as you’d like. The hourly units are intended for one URL (not split up between several), and must be completed within a month’s time.

Of course, the more hours you buy the more links you will get. When you purchase more hours, it allows our teams to execute a more finely-honed version of your strategy set. Like any activity, the more time you invest in it the more effective your strategy is.

How Many Links can You get in 40 Hours?

Because we build quality, white-hat links, we cannot promise a specific number of links each month. We can, however, promise to use our ability and experience to do everything within our power to create as many quality, relevant links as possible for you each month.  As a general guideline, we rarely get fewer than 5 and we sometimes as many as 20 in 40 hours.

My Industry is Unique; can You Build Links for Me?

Yes. We’ve built links for colostomy bags, local newspapers and free ecards. If you have a more difficult keyword than those, we’d be surprised. Each client has a unique set of needs, and that’s why our link building projects are customized strategies that match your brand, your industry and your keywords. We have done nearly every sort of link building activity you can imagine, including copious amounts of guest blogging and outreach projects. We’ve also given away t-shirts for links, built links with webcams and even made a quilt for a targeted link. We’re not limited in our creativity. Yes, we can build links for you with our link building packages.

Why We’re Different

We’re a link building firm. It’s all we do. We don’t do email campaigns, PPC, web design, local SEO or sell used cars. In fact, we consider ourselves the finest link building firm in the world. Because of this, we’re dead serious about getting links for our clients. Our laser focus has allowed us to become uncanny link builders. Our time and experience in the industry has allowed us to amass large amounts of data and research about link building. For instance, we’ve researched which email works best in an outreach project and how many submissions it takes each day to get an incredible guest post. Our office is filled with teams of hard-working guys and gals, each with a link building expert at the helm acting as team leader. And no, we don’t outsource anything. It’s all in-house.

Your Custom Link Building Strategy

Our first task is developing your customized strategy. Once you and your team leader agree on the most effective course of action, we get to work using the hours that you purchase from us each month. The number of hours you purchase helps us determine which strategies will be most effective.

Payments and Contracts

While we will develop a customized plan for you, we do not expect you to sign a long-term contract. We accept payments on a month-to-month basis so you are not locked in to a lengthy contract. In order to initiate service all we require is your first month’s payment and a signed month-to-month agreement.

What about Transparency?

As for transparency with your project, our link building firm is second to none. Your team leader will share a live link building spreadsheet with you at the outset of your project. This shared document is the same document that our teams use to work on your campaign. The document not only shows you everything we are doing, it also tracks your time down to the minute, in real-time.


In addition to this unprecedented level of transparency, you will get the direct phone number to your team leader’s desk. At the end of the month, you’ll also get a detailed written report that gives accounting of the strategies used and the changes to the upcoming month.

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