Our link building training process is broken up into five distinct steps:

  1.  Build a common language.
  2. Gain a common ground of link building concepts and philosophies.
  3. Learn the 12 link building strategies that we use here at Page One Power.
  4.  Coach you through the creation of a customized link building strategy for your site.
  5.  Assist and coach in the execution of your link building experience.

Common language and philosophies

By experience, we’ve seen that the best approach to help you learn link building is to find out what

you know and then to fill in any gaps you may have in terminology and concepts. This is the only

sensible way to move forward in a training relationship. We have adopted a comprehensive white

hat link building philosophical point of view that gives us the guidelines of our strategies and the

execution of our link building plans.

The 12 Link Building Strategies

Once we have a baseline of common language and concepts we can take the next step in our training;

strategies and execution. There are 12 link building strategies that we use at Page One Power on a

day to day basis that we are ongoing link acquisition strategies. You’ll learn these strategies and how

they will or will not work with your site.

You Custom Link Building Plan

After you know the terminology, concepts and strategies of white hat link building we’ll work

with you to build a customized link building plan that you can execute. We’ll give you best practice

suggestions and suggestions for the baseline tools for your project.

Continued Support

As you gain experience in link building you’ll need help and will want a proven expert to give your

feedback. The final step in your training is coaching calls and support to help you stay on the straight

and narrow course.

5 Hours of Training

Depending on your experience level and the needs you have for support our 5 hour training package

might not be enough. As the 5 hour training program nears its completion you can choose to get

another package. We’ll keep you updated.

The Trainers

Our link building trainers are pulled from our link building teams and all possess a high degree of

knowledge, experience and communication skill. These link builders have done it all, seen it all and

know their stuff. They’re committed to help you succeed and will hold nothing back.