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Jon Ball
CEO, Page One Power
August 05, 2014 10:00 am PDT
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"Jon Ball's team at PageOnePower has done a tremendous job in developing and executing linking outreach strategies for their clients. While most firms look for short cuts, Jon understands there are none, and he imparts that ethos on his team. Their results speak for themselves"
- Eric Ward | Link Moses

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We are two brothers who are professional link builders. We lead teams of savvy, motivated researchers and writers who focus solely on getting our clients to the top of the search engines.

Jon Ball
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Best Practices We Want To Share

Understanding link building can be difficult. We have combined our expertise and years of experience into Link Building: From Beginning to Launch so everyone can benefit from what we have learned.

The eBook includes information necessary to launch a successful link building campaign, such as:
  • Preparing to Launch a Link Building Campaign
  • How to Analyze Links and Link Profiles
  • Competitor Analysis
  • 404 and Link Reclamation
  • Finding Web Mentions
  • Local Link Building
  • Building Links Through Relationships
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How to do link building: Webinar Series

If you’ve been trying to fight your way through the confusion and misinformation on link building then look no further. These series of webinars presented by, CEO of Page One Power Jon Ball, are designed to distill link building down to its roots to make it approachable and realistic for your site. Link building doesn’t haven’t to be the worst part of SEO, link building done correctly can actually be very rewarding.

In these webinars you will learn:

  • Why the relevancy universe is the best tool you’ve haven’t heard of
  • The 5 basic rules of successful link building
  • 22 proven link building strategies
  • How to develop a link building campaign
  • Basic ideas and concepts about SEO and link building
  • How to identify quality and relevant sites
  • How to algo proof your link building efforts
  • What not to do in link building
  • How to avoid getting a link penalty with smart white hat link building

If you have any questions about anything in the webinars please shoot us an email.

Whats New In Link Building for 2013

How to Build Links, Get Rankings and Stay out of Trouble!

Link Building 101 – What is it and why does it matter?

The 10 Most Popular Link Building Questions

Link Building Demystified – Ask the experts – LIVE!

Strategic Link Building Strategy in the Penguin Age


Interview With Rich Skrenta, Blekko CEO

Rich Skrenta, Anti-Spam Search Engine Blekko Founder, Talks To Us About SEO

Rich Skrenta

Not many things give the folks at Google pause. Conversely, when faced with the prospect of going up against web leviathan Google, most individuals would likely find the idea less than appealing.

Not Rich Skrenta.

You may have heard of him. He was featured in the New York Times,  after he talked investors into a $25 million deal to invest in Blekko, a newer, alternative search engine that has some promising innovations in terms of purified web searches. You may know that Skrenta was one of the guys behind news aggregate Topix. Or, that Netscape forked over about a million dollars to acquire Skrento’s web directory site, NewHoo, renaming it the Open Directory Project. Beloved for its open source content and people-driven format, its just one of many projects that Skrenta has had his hand in developing.

Skrenta, who for all intents and purposes is considered the father of the web virus, is a bit of a study in contrasts. (As a teen, Skrenta became one of the original prototypes for aspiring geeks everywhere when he created the Elk Cloner virus in ’82 as a way to torment his buddies.) It’s ironic that viruses, detestable little nuisances that they are, were essentially invented by the same man who spends his days dedicated to creating an online world that isn’t drowning in spammy content. Continue reading “Interview With Rich Skrenta, Blekko CEO” »


Link Building Slide Deck from Jon Ball’s SES New York Presentation

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10 Most Popular Link Building Questions

Press Release

Page One Power announces its latest in a series of webinars aimed at educating and informing members of the internet marketing industry.  Hosted by ClickZ Academy, the webinar on “The 10 Most Popular Link Building Questions” by company co-founder Jon Ball, will be held Thursday, Sept. 27, at 1 p.m. ET/10 a.m. PT.

With increasing revenue streams produced by e-commerce sites, online retailers and other web businesses, online companies can’t afford to lag behind in search engine results. To help sharpen the competitive edge for your company, Page One Power’s Jonathan Ball, company co-founder and VP of business development, teams up with internet marketing companies ClickZ Academy and SES Conference & Expo to share  the answers to the most commonly asked questions about link building. Continue reading “10 Most Popular Link Building Questions” »


15 Link Building Tactics

Recently, I required a new study desk for my home.  I know it’s more common for these kinds of desks to be used for PCs, but it is a convenient place to keep my laptop, along with books and notes.  As most people who know me will tell you though, construction has never been my forte.  Even with a clearly written set of instructions in front of me, and most likely I am going to build you a representation of a Picasso painting, even though the end results called for a bookcase.  Because of this, I tend to call on friends to do this sort of work for me while I hold my head very low in shame, and I repeated this action again for the building of my new computer desk.  Even though there’s only one way to build such a desk, I can’t seem to get it right.  Thankfully, there are a plethora of ways to build links, many of which have proved to be effective for many people.

Below You will Find 15  link building tactics. Continue reading “15 Link Building Tactics” »

26 White Hat Link Building Tactics Webcast

Hundreds listened in on a link building webinar today. Hosted by Search Engine Watch  on its sister ed-learning site, ClickZ Academy, Jon Ball, the co-founder of a link building firm, shared his expertise on 26 White Hat Link Building Tactics.

“Link building has stormed its way to the forefront of the SEO discussion and people are scrambling to gain insight into this difficult, yet vital part of search engine rankings,” event organizers said, and that the webcast would, “reveal effective link building tactics used at Page One Power to gain quality, relevant links for many of the webs most challenging niches.”

The webcast gave listeners a better understanding of Google’s Penguin update and its impact on the industry of link building, information on link building terminology and tools, as well as Ball’s tips on link building strategy and tactics.  Ball  explained how to use white hat tactics, including his personal favorites (badging), and other strategies that he said have pushed his clients’ sites up through page ranks.

“Guest posting is red hot right now,” he said “It’s a great way to get links.”

After discussing link building tactics such as using authority blogging, link love or badges, Ball said that he was happy that his insights provided listeners with valuable information.

“I’m very pleased with the response we’ve been getting from our webinars,” Ball said. “It means a lot to me to have people contact me to tell me that they learned something or that we gave them some new tools to use.  When working from a smaller link building firm and having to work so hard to get where we are and now that we are coming into our own, it’s an awesome feeling to be in this industry and to able to do something that helps our peers. Especially when they tell me that we’ve helped them be able to come back after things like algorithm updates. Really though, we are all learning from each other and it’s such an exciting field to be involved in right now…I’m grateful that people took the time out of their busy day to listen to me and I think that if they learned something from the experience then it’s worth it for me.”

ClickZ will make the webinar available on demand within a few days.

Ball will be a speaker at SES San Francisco Aug. 13-17.

[box] Jonathan Ball is the VP of business development at Page One Power. Page One Power is a SEO link building firm that specializes in developing high quality links that generate traffic and rankings for their clients. He is an expert at research and implementation of highly effective link building strategies for clients all over the world.[/box]


About Page One Power

Page One Power is a custom link building firm located in Boise, ID, headed by two brothers, Jon Ball and Zach Ball, that  focuses on customized, white hat link building strategies. The company work with a limited number of highly motivated clients who are focused on getting top search engine rankings. Everyone agrees that link building is an important part of their SEO strategy but many site owners lack the time and/or expertise to execute a cohesive and consistent link building plan. For more information please call usat: 208-229-7046; email us at: contact@pageonepower dot com, or write us via snail mail at our mailing address: Page One Power 1251 East Iron Eagle Drive Suite 200 Eagle, ID 83616. You can learn more about custom link building firm Page One Power at, or from its blogTwitterFacebook or Pinterest.

 [author] [author_image timthumb='on'][/author_image] [author_info], in addition to being company co-founder, an expert in search engine optimization or SEO, white-hat link building and online marketing, launched the Link Building Times in 2011. Since then, he has written, edited and overseen the overall editorial direction of the publication, leading it to increasing success.

Ball is considered a go-to expert in the field of link building, and is sought after for speaking engagements, industry events and other places where he can share his advanced skillset.