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"Jon Ball's team at PageOnePower has done a tremendous job in developing and executing linking outreach strategies for their clients. While most firms look for short cuts, Jon understands there are none, and he imparts that ethos on his team. Their results speak for themselves"
- Eric Ward | Link Moses

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Understanding link building can be difficult. We have combined our expertise and years of experience into Link Building: From Beginning to Launch so everyone can benefit from what we have learned.

The eBook includes information necessary to launch a successful link building campaign, such as:
  • Preparing to Launch a Link Building Campaign
  • How to Analyze Links and Link Profiles
  • Competitor Analysis
  • 404 and Link Reclamation
  • Finding Web Mentions
  • Local Link Building
  • Building Links Through Relationships
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page one power and majestic seo webinar

Webinar on Demand: How to Supercharge Your Link Building with Majestic SEO

On 7/22/14, PageOnePower and Majestic SEO, teamed up to host a webinar called “How Agencies Can Supercharge their Link Building and Get the Most from Majestic SEO.”

You can view the on-demand version of the webinar here.

Two of the best minds in the search marketing industry came together to teach attendees how to kick their link building efforts into hyperdrive with one of the best SEO tools on the market.

An effective link building campaign relies on the right combination of talented people and useful tools. The right SEO tool empowers a good link builder to get better results in a shorter amount of time.

Jon Ball, CEO of Page One Power, and Dixon Jones, Marketing Director for Majestic SEO, discussed how Majestic SEO tools can be used to supercharge any SEO strategy.

Majestic SEO also discussed some of their latest software updates including new features of the software.

link building podcast

P1P Link Building Podcast | The Backlink Show – Episode 7

Welcome to another installment of The Backlink Show – Page One Power and Linkarati’s link building podcast! In episode number seven, Jon and Zach interview Cognitive SEO founder – Razvan Gavrilas.

Along with the interview, Jon and Zach discuss how content marketing relates to link building and talk about advanced SEO.

Razvan Gavrilas is an expert in many areas, including: SEO, programming, web development, and affiliate marketing – and has been working on websites and understanding how search engines work since 1997. He has also authored numerous case studies on changes to Google’s search algorithm, webspam, and manual penalties. Razvan’s company, Coginitive SEO, provides a versatile SEO toolkit that streamlines complex data for professional SEOs all over the world.

Some of the topics Jon, Zach and Razvan discuss include: how Razvan founded Coginitive SEO and why he got into the SEO industry, the significance of using keyword synonyms, Google Webmaster Tools and why spam will continue to rank (at least for the foreseeable future).

Download or listen to the show below!

link building podcast

Click here to download The Backlink Show – Episode 7. It’s also available on iTunes and Stitcher.

Hosted By: Jon and Zach Ball

Special Guest: Razvan Gavrilas

Produced and Edited By: Dustin Verburg

Music By: Dustin Verburg

Logo By: AJ Ogden

complete outreach guide

New Outreach Guide at Linkarati

In a recent Q&A segment, I talked about best practices for link building outreach. I’ve long said that outreach is one of the most important aspects of building links – because real links come from real people.

The ability to persuasively promote your content, page, resource, or website within a succinct email is invaluable within link building. That’s why real link building requires sales. To get the links you deserve – to really optimize your site, pages, and content – you have to be willing and able to promote your content intelligently.

Our team over a Linkarati spent time finding all the best outreach resources, posts, and guides, combining it all into a complete guide to outreach. This is a guide for those new to link building and seasoned veterans alike: both will be able to find new, interesting, and applicable information.

complete outreach guide

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Page One Power - The Backlink Show

The Backlink Show – Episode 6 w/ Eric Ward

Welcome to the newest installment of Page One Power’s link building podcast – The Backlink Show!

In this special edition of The Backlink Show, we are joined by none other than Link Moses himself – Eric Ward!

In this newest episode, Eric Ward and P1P CEO Jon Ball discuss the recent MyBlogGuest penalty, the early days of link building, why Eric hasn’t changed his website after all these years and ask if Google really owes us anything.

Eric has been in the search marketing industry for 19 years and in this episode he shares some wisdom from his earliest days of link building – before Google even existed. Eric’s strategies have helped many of the industry’s most successful search marketers and those very same strategies even helped Jeff Bezos launch Amazon. Eric Ward is the patriarch of relevant, natural link building and there is no one better at strategy development and link analysis.

Listen and/or download the episode below!

The Backlink Show Episode 6 – Eric Ward


Page One Power - The Backlink Show

Click here to download The Backlink Show – Episode 6. It’s also available on iTunes and Stitcher.

Hosted By: Jon and Zach Ball

Special Guest: Eric Ward

Produced and Edited By: Dustin Verburg

Music By: Dustin Verburg

Logo By: AJ Ogden

What’s the Difference Between a Dofollow Link and a Nofollow Link?


Q: What’s the Difference Between a Dofollow Link and a Nofollow Link?

A: Basically, a “dofollow” link is your average, every day hyperlink. These are the majority of the links you see every day. A “nofollow” link requires some extra code and some different intentions.

By default, …

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Building Links Without Content: A Resource Guide

In a recent edition of our Q&A segment, I talked about how to build links without content.

People ask us about this all the time– some sites just aren’t content heavy, and that’s okay. While link building can turbocharge great content, you definitely don’t need content to build links. If your site is valuable, then there’s a way to build some good, relevant links.

Our team over at Linkarati has put together a little resource guide in how to build links without content. This resource links to the best of the best around the web, and it’s categorized for ease of use. Wondering how to approach broken link building? Wondering how to harness the power of fresh mentions? Wondering what that HARO thing everyone is talking about? We’ve got you covered. Click here for the guide.

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